Stray From The Path - 'Only Death Is Real' Pre-Order Bundle 5

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Stray From The Path is back to prove 'Only Death Is Real!' This new release from the angsty Long Islanders is now available for pre-order.  Don't miss your chance to score one of these exclusive bundles while you can!

This bundle includes: 
  • A physical, jewel case copy of the new album, 'Only Death Is Real'
  • An 18 X 24 inch album artwork poster*
  • A digital download code emailed to you on the release date.**
  • An 'ODIR' Orange Hoodie

    This is a pre-order bundle that will ship to arrive by the release date of September 8, 2017. ***

    Stray From The Path - 'Only Death is Real' Tracklist

    1. The Opening Move
    2. Loudest in the Room
    3. Goodnight Alt-right
    4. Let’s Make A Deal
    5. They Always Take The Guru
    6. Plead The Fifth 
    7. Strange Fiction (feat. Keith Buckley)
    8. All Day & A Night (feat. Bryan Garris)
    9. The House Always Wins (feat. Vinnie Paz)
    10. Only Death Is Real 


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