Born Of Osiris - The Eternal Reign 'Blue & Orange Haze' Vinyl

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Born Of Osiris is back to celebrate 10 years of their debut album with 'The Eternal Reign'! This completely re-recorded and re-envisioned version of 'The New Reign' also featured a brand new song 'Glorious Day' - and this is the only place to pick up this exclusive 'Blue & Orange Haze' vinyl variant! This variant is being printed in a one-time exclusive run of only 250 units, and they will go quickly! You'll also receive a digital download code!**



  1. Rosecrance
  2. Empires Erased
  3. Open Arms To Damnation
  4. Abstract Art
  5. The New Reign
  6. Brace Legs
  7. Bow Down
  8. The Takeover
  9. Glorious Day

**All digital download codes come inside the vinyl packaging, and contain instructions for activation