Asking Alexandria - 'Reckless & Relentless' Smoke/Black Half/Half Vinyl

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'Reckless & Relentless' is the second studio album by English metalcore band Asking Alexandria.  Sumerian Records now brings you an exclusive, limited edition, vinyl re-press of this great album.  This is a single disc vinyl, pressed in a Smoke/Black color- way.
*PLEASE NOTE: variant mock-ups are not actual representations / actual items may vary*
**Limit 5 per customer**
  1. Welcome  
  2. Dear Insanity  
  3. Closure 
  4. A Lesson Never Learned  
  5. To the Stage  
  6. Dedication  
  7. Someone, Somewhere 
  8. Breathless  
  9. The Match  
  10. Another Bottle Down  
  11. Reckless & Relentless 
  12. Morte et Dabo