Oceano - Revelation 'Trans Purple/Black Splatter' Vinyl

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Oceano is launching this pre-order, limited-edition, Trans Purple/Black Splatter Vinyl! This variant is being printed in a one-time only, exclusive run of only 500 units. Please also note this is the ONLY place to find this authentic collector's piece, and they will go quickly!

*PLEASE NOTE: variant mock-ups are not actual representations / actual items may vary*


OCEANO - 'Revelation' Tracklist:

  1. Dark Prophecy 
  2. Lucid Reality 
  3. Path to Extinction 
  4. The Great Tribulation 
  5. Illusions Unravel 
  6. Majestic 12
  7. Final Form 
  8. The Event 
  9. Human Harvest
  10. Revelation